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Welcome to Mucky Pups Childcare - a place for children to grow, learn and play. Your child deserve nothing but the best, so enquire now to find out more about our safe, stimulating and exciting Nursery.

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At Mucky Pups Childcare, we are dedicated to creating a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming environment for all children. Our daily routine incorporates a variety of educational experiences, while always keeping the child’s best interest in mind and allowing for hands-on learning.

Mucky Pups Childcare is a small, family run nursery on Rockingham Leisure Park, on the North East side of Corby. Once a former nightclub, the Nursery has undergone extensive renovations to provide a safe, stimulating and welcoming environment for all children from birth to 5 years. We offers a flexible approach to childcare, and we are within easy reach from the villages of Weldon, Priors Hall, Cottingham, Rockingham, Caldicott, Gretton, Harringworth and Middleton, and also the Lloyds, Shire Danesholme, Kingswood and Great Oakley Estates. We are also on the number4 bus route.

Mucky Pups opened in November 2013 as a childminding service in my own home. Within a year we had rapidly grown, so we decided to open as a Day Nursery in Weldon in November 2014.

In January 2019 we moved the Nursery to a larger setting on the Rockingham Leisure Park, due to further growth which is where we are now settled and can offer so much more to families.

Please have a look further into our website to discover more about what we offer. We would love to hear from you to answer any questions you may have.



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Mucky Pups Childcare Mission

Unique and Valuable

We believe that children thrive in an environment which values their own uniqueness, while providing support and opportunities to grow emotionally, socially and creatively. By building on each child’s strengths, interests and curiosities, we guide each child to explore the world around them as well as develop new abilities and form close relationships.

Diverse Kindergarten


We open at 7am and close at 6pm, 51 weeks of the year. However, we are registered until 6.30pm so if the demand was there for a later finish then we would gladly discuss your requirements.

Because we like our staff to have a relaxing break with their families over Christmas and New Year, we close at 6pm on the 23rd December and reopen on the 2nd January. We are also closed on all Bank Holidays.


Partnership with Parents

Connect Childcare is the Nursery Software system we use to aid us in the smooth running of the Nursery. With this software we have access to ParentZone which is an App we use keep a record of the children's development, and to record their daily food intake, toileting and sleeping patterns for the parents to view. Parents will be invited to use the app which will be a form of communication between home and Nursery. We also like parents to upload pictures of the child in their home environment which helps us to identify the child's likes and development opportunities they may have outside of the Nursery.

We also have a text messaging system which we use to send out reminders and other information.

Safeguarding & Site security

Your child's welfare is our highest priority meaning we will keep them as safe as humanly possible whilst in our care. 
We have 2 entrances to the building. Each entrance has a security system on the doors which can only be opened from the inside by an adult. Once inside the building each room has a key code lock on  the doors so only the staff can access the rooms. Parents and visitors can only enter the premises when invited in by a member of staff. 
We also have CCTV for added security. This includes a camera in every room internally, and 4 cameras externally.
All our staff are trained in safeguarding and have a legal obligation to report any concerns to our safeguarding officer who will then discuss the concern with your self if necessary.

Settling in Sessions

We offer a minimum of 3 free settling in sessions. First is an hour where we ask the parent to stay. Second is an hour where the child will stay on their own. Third is for 2 hours where the child will stay on their own. We may suggest this is over a meal time so the child gets a good feel for what their day may consist of. 
Children settle very differently, they may settle very quickly, or they may take a little longer. Or they may settle for the first week or 2 and then become unsettled before fully settled in. This is perfectly normal, however, it can be very distressing for the parent to see their child upset, so we are here to support the parents as much as the child in this transition. If we feel the parent or child would benefit from further settling in sessions this can be arranged.


We provide Breakfast, 2 snacks a day, a cold lunch, and a hot meal in the evening. 

We charge for meals if your child is in receipt of a Government Funded place


We have a large secure garden at the rear of the building. The garden is a very natural garden which consists of block paving, bark and artificial grass, we are also lucky enough to have a fantastic tree for the children to safely climb (not too high though), a water course, a climbing frame, plenty of physical activities and we are soon to be having a large undercover area constructed for all weather play and for us to be able to bring the indoor learning outside. 
The children get the opportunity to go out in the garden a minimum of twice a day, however, this is usually more.
We also provide puddle suits so the children can go out in any weather.

Extra Activities

We currently have 2 groups running every 2 weeks. 

Super Star Sports visit the nursery twice a month to provide sport sessions for the Pre-School children in preparation for school, and to encourage the children to keep learn new skills whilst developing their gross motor skills. From September 2022 this will be charged extra at £2 per session

For our under 3's we have a music and movement class delivered by Mad2Perform, who also attend twice a week. These classes cover a wide range of child development including Physical development, social and emotional, mathematics, Language, and knowledge of the world. This class is fully inclusive in the nursery fees. 


Children with Additional Needs

Mucky Pups Childcare is an inclusive Nursery for children with additional needs. We have an excellent SENCO team who will work with the parent and outside organisations if we feel your child may benefit from a little extra help as they move through the Nursery. We would be happy to discuss any thoughts or concerns you may have if your child is showing signs they may need a little help in certain areas of their development.


Mucky Pups Childcare is a member of ICO (Information Commissioners Office).
We follow their GDPR guidelines and will never share your details with anyone outside of the Nursery unless we felt there was a Safeguarding concern where we have a legal obligation to report this information. If this was the case, we would always contact you to inform you we have made a referral and shared your information, unless we felt a child was in immediate harm.
Please click the link below to read our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

How we are dealing with COVID

We have a policy and risk assessments in place to help deal with the challenges faced with Covid. 

We have strict guidelines we have to adhere to to help keep our staff, children and parents safe which include:

  • Parents and visitors are kept to a minimum in the Nursery.

  • We are currently asking parents to queue on drop off and collection, with only one parent at the top of the stairs at a time.

  • No passing on the stairs.

  • Parents must wear a face mask at all times. 

  • Parents and children must sanitise their hands on entrance and exit of the building.

  • The children and staff are washing their hands regularly and the toys and equipment is washed down regularly and rotated daily. 

  • We are currently only offering nursery viewings after the Nursery is closed. 

Covid Policy

Sickness & Absence

Your child, and the other children's health and wellbeing whilst in our care is our highest priority. We understand children can get poorly whilst in our care and we have strict guidelines to ensure they are well cared for whilst they are feeling ill, and to ensure the spread of any illness is kept to a minimum. 

For more information on our sickness, infectious diseases policy, and medications policy, please click the link below 

Due to having to hold your child's place open whilst they are ill then we do still charge whilst your child is off nursery. For more information on this please see our Fees & funding page.


Invoices are sent out on the 20th of the month (or the closest working day to the 20th). We ask that payment is made within 7 days and before the 27th of the month (or the nearest working day). 
Invoices are charged in advance. Extra hours you may have required throughout the month, and any extra charges you may have incurred will be charged in arrears.
A signed written contract will be required before your child can start their place with us.
Your contract terms will be printed on your invoice along with a clear breakdown of the hours and charges received for the month. 
Please see our Fees & Funding page from more information.

Help with childcare costs 

To find out more information about what help you may be entitled to please click the button below, or contact the office.


Our Nursery Management Team

Where the Passion Begins




Hi, I'm Emma and I have been in childcare since I was 16. It's all I ever wanted to do and was always a dream of mine to open a Nursery. My Grandparents and Aunty owned 7 nurseries in Reading and they were my inspiration.  I have worked in many Nurseries over the years whilst gaining my Level 3 in Early years  and Level 4 in Management. I have also worked as a Nanny for many families over the years but decided after having my second child that I would set up my own childminding business. Over the past 8 years we have been open, I have dedicated my time to ensure the children in my care are given the best opportunities and experiences which enable them to develop the important early skills required before moving on to school.


Joanna (Jo)

Nursery Manager, Safeguarding officer and SENCO lead

Jo began working for Mucky Pups in October 2019 as Deputy Manager. During the summer of 2020 the position of Nursery Manager became available and Jo was the best person for the job and has been carrying out the role ever since.

Jo is the person who you will most likely liaise with on a day to day basis and answer any queries you may have.

 Jo has been working in childcare for over 15 years and has gained her BA HONS in Early childhood studies. She is now currently working on an NVQ level 5 in Management. She also has such a passion for providing high quality childcare and has very high standards in the care we provide.



Deputy manager & Safeguarding officer

Sarah joined the team in June 2020. Sarah is also the room leader of our Jelly Tots room and has so much passion for early education, she is an inspiration to us all with her creativity and exciting new ideas and we are very pleased to have Sarah as part of our Nursery.



Deputy Assistant Manager

Steph joined Mucky Pups in December 2018 as a Nursery practitioner and has worked her way up to Room Leader and assistant deputy manager within a short space of time. You would usually see Steph as acting manager during the start and end of the day, the rest of the time she is looking after our babies in Jelly Babies.


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a fantastic nursery. staff are friendly and helpful. the service mucky pups provides is excellent i can not recommend them more highly. seeing my little boy come home tired and a smile on his face says it all. keep up the good work everyone

 Mr M Stewart

Fantastic nursery. My daughter loved her time at Mucky pups. They helped and encouraged her throughout her time there. I never felt anxious leaving my daughter in there care. Everyone in the nursery is approachable and never once felt I couldn’t talk to them. We as a family are sad she’s no longer attending (off to full time school). We Would highly recommend. Thank you

Ms S Tulloch

My daughter has been at Mucky Pups since she was 1, she loves nursery so much and has developed into such a kind, caring and independent little girl, which in part I thank Mucky Pups for. She is one of the first children in nursery every day and as such gets to help set up for the day, which nurtures her bossy/organisation side!

All the nursery staff are wonderful, she has bonded with everyone but has a particular attachment to her key person! Thank you for being such a special part of my daughters early years! Next September will be emotional when she has to leave to start school

MS N Lynch

Couldn't rate Mucky Pups higher! They are amazing, staff very well trained, caring and offer so much support! Aware of children's needs and always ensure they provide the best care. As a nervous mum I'm always kept informed and reassured. 2 of my children have been to mucky pups and i will be sending my 4th!

Ms E Bond


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