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Our Meals

At Mucky Pups we offer the children breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks each day. We have a 5 star rating by environmental health and the Food Standards agency for our food preparation areas.  


- Our breakfasts consist of a verity of low sugar cereals, toast and fruit, which the children can choose from. We have a breakfast bar where the children can self serve from with a little help from an adult.


- The snacks we offer vary from day to day. They always consist of a different variety of fruit for the children to try, then they may also be offered items such as a biscuit, crackers, cheese, salad sticks, crumpets, waffles croissants, raisins, breadsticks etc, milk or water to drink.


- We provide the children with light lunch. This can consist of a picnic style lunch, home made soup and a roll, beans on toast, pasta dish etc. and dessert.


- Hot dinners are served at 4pm and are provided to us by The Nursery Kitchen. We have a delivery of nutritious, chilled meals twice a week, which we then reheat in line with the Food Standards Agency Guidelines. A dessert is also offered. 

Please click the Read More button to view an example menu from The Nursery Kitchen, and Nutrition in early years information. 

Allergies and food preferences. 

- We can cater for food allergies, intolerances, vegetarians and vegans. Terms and conditions apply, please speak to the manager for further details. 

For children in receipt of Government Funding, there is a small charge for lunches and dinners. Please see our Fees page for further details.

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