Baby Playing with Abacus

Jelly Babies Room

Our Jelly Babies room can hold 18 babies; the room is spilt into 3 sections (so the rooms will never get too busy) and has a warm and cosy feeling throughout.  The room is a base for children from 3 months to 2 years years old. The room can split into 3 areas to separate the smaller babies from the toddlers if we had a large mix of development levels in on the same day. The staff are specially trained to care for babies and work closely with the children to ensure they are prepared to move into the next room when they are two.

A message from Steph

In the baby room we welcome the children by greeting them at the main door. We have a little chat with the parents to see how their evening/morning has been and to pass over any important information. We come into the baby room where the children are free to play. Some babies come running into the room but some still need a little encouragement. This is where our soft voices, persuasive skills and big hugs come in handy. During the day we encourage the children to wash their hands before and after meal times. Each child gets their own flannel which they are encouraged to wipe their own hands and face. Sometimes they need a little help but practice makes perfect. We have lots of exciting and engaging activities going on throughout the day for the children to learn and develop their learning. This can be accessing the soft play to extend their physical development, and the sensory room to explore, to painting and showing us their creative side. In our room with have lots of little areas so the children can clearly see the activities they want to access. We have a construction area, home corner, role play area, creative area, snack area, soft play, reading corner and musical area. We plan activities for each child and base this on their learning and interests. Each area is set up with exciting activities that we know the children will enjoy. We then evaluate the activity and write down what went well and what didn't. This way we can change and extend what we put out next time the children are in. The children love singing and before we sit down for lunch and tea we grab ourselves a musical instrument and let the nursery hear our voices. The babies love rattling the maracas and banging the tambourines to the tune of the songs. They wiggle, shake and shout and we all have so much fun!

In Jelly babies we love going out for walks and out into the garden, especially in our new 6 seater buggy. This gives the children a chance to get some fresh air and experience the world around them. We count cars, say hello to animals and wildlife, and most of the time fall asleep. When we say goodbye we take the children out to their pegs where they can recognise their coats and bags. We take the children to the door and greet their parents. This is a time where we can feedback how the children have been and what they have been learning. It's also a perfect time to tell parents the funny things that their children do throughout the day that make us smile.


Jelly Babies Team

Where the Early Learning and Development Begins



Room Leader & Assistant Deputy

Steph, our room leader and assistant deputy is qualified with a BA HONS in Childcare. She has been with us since December 2018. Steph has a quiet and calming nature which is very soothing to the little ones and suits the Jelly Babies room perfectly. 


Jelly Babies assistant practitioner

Abbie has been working with the Jelly Babies since joining us in January 2020. Abbie is very bubbly and full of energy. However, she is also very calming and can adapt to the mood of a individual child, so is a great asset to Jelly Babies as there are so many different personalities within the different children.
Abbie is due to finish her apprenticeship in April and will be level 3 qualified once completed.



Jelly babies assistant and NVQ student

Vicky has been with us for a little while now as a member of our bank staff. However, she has recently joined us on a full time contract and is currently undertaking her level 2 apprenticeship. Vicky has a loud and energetic  personality which helps the shy and quieter babies come out of there shell throughout the day.


Jelly Babies assistant practitioner

Mel is our newest member of staff. She is newly qualified to a level 3 and has recently finished a placement at Pen Green Children's Centre. Mel has a soothing personality which helps to keep a level balance in the room .