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Our Little Tots Room

Unlocking Curiosity

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Babies in Playroom
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Kindergarten Classroom
Diverse Kindergarten
Image by Jessica Rockowitz


Our Tots Room caters for little explorers from the age of 2 to 3 years and can hold up to 16 children. The children have a daily routine to help encourage the second stages of independence such as toilet training, putting on their own coat and shoes and using table manners. All this helps towards the preparation for the pre-school room. 

The toddler stage can be a confusing and frustrating time for some, so we encourage the children to understand and cope with their frustrations and teach them what is acceptable behaviours and all important social skills.


Within the Tots room, the children are given lots of opportunities to explore their surroundings and develop new skills. We build on the prime areas of development that have been introduced within the baby room and create opportunities for the children to build their experiences within the specific areas of development.

Through exploration the children in our Tots room can choose from a selection of activities that will enhance their learning journey, this may be through organised focused activities or a child-initiated activity.

We follow a routine which consists of breakfast, a mid-morning snack, circle times and a range of child-led and practitioner-led activities, indoors and out. After lunch, some children may require a nap to prepare them for more fun and activities in the afternoon. Throughout both the morning and afternoon, the children like to spend time in the garden where the children are again given lots of opportunities to explore and investigate their environment.

Every child is an individual, therefore when settling children into the Tots room they are treated as such. The child’s key worker will take the time to get to know the child through a series of settling in sessions. This will give parents opportunities to ask questions and find out how their child will be spending their day with us and get to know the staff. Settling in sessions will be offered at various times of the day, During which the children are encouraged to explore their new environment and will experience key events through the day such as meal and snack times.

As required by the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, we carry out daily observations which assess each child’s progress. This is recorded using an online learning journal which is instantly accessible updating parents of their child’s achievements and their daily activities.

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